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"Fascinatingly advanced artificial intelligence supporting high speed autonomous racing "

About AI Racing Tech

The University of Hawai’i AI Racing Tech (ART) team has grown out of the UH-Maui Autonomous Vehicle Technology (AVT) class of the spring of 2020. It started small and went from scaled vehicles to go-kart sized to full sized Indy Lights racing cars. The original Maui ART team has aligned with the faculty and students from UH-Manoa and is now proudly called the AI Racing Tech team.

The collaboration is working to enrichen and widen the skills and resources of the schools as well as to demonstrate the collaboration and valuable Ohan'a (Good Will) the various campuses have for each other.

What is Autonomous Racing?

No driver, just software. Imagine driver-less autonomous vehicles battling wheel to wheel for track position and podium success. All to help improve the performance and safety for vehicles of tomorrow.

Autonomous racing is the ultimate engineering challenge. The driver is replaced with a variety of sensors that act as the eyes and ears of the vehicle, feeding the data to a planning and control algorithm that students develop and tune. Machine learning (artificial intelligence) is often used to create human like behaviors and interpret complex sensor data. It a complex mechatronic challenge giving students hands-on experience in sophisticated systems development.


AI Racing Tech team put together an application to compete in the Indy Autonomous Challenge. The IAC is a $1.5M autonomous racing vehicle competition to be run in October 2021. The ART team qualified for the competition based on its notable efforts and is working on meeting the Round 2 qualifications using its continuing work in the autonomous evKart being built for the evGrandPrix. As this competition is a significantly greater challenge the UH-MC team is collaborating with the UH-Manoa Robotics Lab team to form the AI Racing Tech team.

As part of the Autonomous Vehicle Technology (AVT) class the goal was to pull together the resources to allow the class (team) to put together a human scale autonomous vehicle based on an evKart to compete in the 2020 Purdue sponsored international competition for racing an evKart in the Autonomous Masters division. In preparing for that competition the class acquired a base evKart from TopKart ( ) and begin working toward building out the autonomous capability. The class then formed the "AI Racing Tech" (ART) team and successfully qualified for the 2020 evGrandPrix only for it to be canceled due to Covid. The team is looking forward to beginning autonomous evKart testing at the Maui County Go-Kart track. The ART Team is further accepted for the 2021 evGrandPrix competition event in Indianapolis next April. See our progress on the “About US" page.

Last year UHMC built its first dedicated course on Autonomous Vehicle Technology. The course was UH-MC ETRO293v – Autonomous Vehicle Technologies. The focus of the course was to build up undergraduate students’ knowledge of the many elements of autonomous vehicle design and operation as well as give the students additional hands-on experience using their knowledge from other UH-MC classes. At the core was an emphasis on addressing autonomous racing considerations and pushing the envelope on the software and hardware used in autonomous vehicles. The Class is proposed for Spring 2021 and will move from Jetson Racers to much more sophisticated F1Tenth vehicles and give the students a chance to participate on both virtual as well as actual track events. We plan also to add a possible intern or two from a local high school under a “fast start program”.


The AI Racing Tech team proudly counts on the support of a number of industry corporations and leaders as well as many local community sources.

Some of these are: New Eagle LLC (DbW), ADLINK (Compute processors and ROS2 support), Luxonis (Camera and Neural Networking), PointOneNav(GNSS/RTK/IMU), Emlid (GNSS/RTK), RockWestComposites (Composite Mat’ls) and many others.

Beyond the amazing international support for the University of Hawai’i we locally have the support of the Maui Robotic Vehicle Association (MRVA), St. Anthony School STEM program, VectorAero LLC and many others. We look to add to this list.

Mahalo to all our sponsors and supporters


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Jan 7th, CES Race Day

The AI Racing Tech team competes in the second-ever Indy Autnoums challenge, for a Head to Head Race at CES 2022!

Hear more about it here!

Did You miss the Vegas Race?

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® and Energy Systems Network, the organizer of the Indy Autonomous Challenge, made history again and hosted a head-to-head, high-speed autonomous racecar passing competition at CES® 2022 this year!
Watch the recording


CES , Race Day Recap!

Once again, #history was made by the teams at this year's #ces2022. Although we did not get the chance to compete on race day, we made huge advancements thanks to UC San Diego, Triton AI UC San Diego, and some help from our #Berkeley friends! We can't wait for the next race, where we expect to make some heads turn and go even faster!

Big Mahalo to everyone that made this race possible!


Crushing Milestones @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway

There is no better way to enter the #NewYear than racing into it at 100mph! The AI Racing Tech team cant wait to see what 2022 has in store for us!

Check out the full Race here on Jan 7th!

Indy, Race Day Recap!

Race day being a little over a week ago, the AI Racing Tech team couldn't be more proud of all the hard work that went into ACHIEVING 6th place!! Big Mahalo to Triton AI UC San Diego for being our partner in crime, Gaia Platform for the amazing guidance and support, and ADLINK Technology for making such fast robots! We would also like to give a special shoutout to Ubuntu for the ultra-reliable operating system, and #Z1analyzer for the amazing live telemetry!

UH competes in first-ever international driverless car racing event!

The University of Hawaiʻi made history competing in the Indy Autonomous Challenge competition—the first-ever autonomous race car event. The team, UH AI Racing Tech, achieved its fastest speed ever and placed 6th in the competition.

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