AI Racing Tech became the top-ranked U.S. Team after the final race of the Indy Autonomous Challenge at Texas Motor Speedway on November 11, 2023 

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AI Racing Tech among top teams to demo next-gen autonomous racecars at CES 2024

The University of California, Berkeley, Robot Open Autonomous Racing (ROAR) program, together with its multi-university partners comprising the AI Racing Tech team, will serve among three leading international teams to test out the next-gen Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) racecar. The updated world’s fastest and most advanced autonomous racecar will be unveiled at CES 2024, held January 9-12 in Las Vegas, NV.

Three top racing teams from this year’s IAC competition will test out the next-gen model, with its upgraded controls, perception sensors, qualified systems, and other improvements on the original Dallara AV-21 introduced in 2021. 

Why we race...

In the Indy Autonomous Challenge, the teams race with purpose, pushing untested boundaries and driving research to ensure the highest caliber of safety for the future of commercial autonomy. Follow AI Racing Tech's journey with the UC Berkeley College of Engineering, UC San Diego, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Hawai‘i System.

No driver, just software. Imagine driverless autonomous vehicles battling wheel to wheel for track position and podium success. All to help improve the performance and safety of vehicles of tomorrow.

Autonomous racing is the ultimate engineering challenge. The driver is replaced with a variety of sensors that act as the eyes and ears of the vehicle, feeding the data to a planning and control algorithm that students develop and tune. 

AI Racing Tech  competing at the first ever Indy Autonomous Challenge , Autonomous Racing event at Indianapolis motor Speedway

Kicking off the Season

In the final stretch to prepare for the November 11 Indy Autonomous Challenge at Texas Motor Speedway, the Team put in long days and long nights in Fort Worth.  Footage courtesy of Zhihao Deng/filmmaker Cute Cake.


AI Racing Tech competing at the first ever Indy Autonomous Challenge , Autonomous Racing event.  The most Advanced AI Racing Program!

AI Racing Tech team is one of nine teams that currently compete in the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC).  The IAC is a collaborative effort bringing together public-private partnerships with  academic institutions to challenge university students around the world to imagine, invent, and prove a new generation of automated vehicle software to run fully autonomous racecars.  As this competition is a significantly greater challenge the UH-ART team is proud to be collaborating with the UH-Manoa Robotics Lab, UC Berkeley, and Triton-AI UC San Diego to form the AI Racing Tech team! 

A main focus of AI Racing Tech has been developing advanced simulation environments that test autonomous software stacks in a real-world setting ("Sim-to-Real"). This Sim-to-Real focus is a valuable solution to the challenge of needing many hours on a racetrack to properly advance an autonomous software stack.

AI Racing Tech has been a leading developer in simulation environments for both the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Las Vegas Motor Speed Way, developing 3D maps and race car dynamics for SVL Simulator and CARLA simulator.  The team also supports integration with BeamNG.

AI Racing Tech competing at the first ever Indy Autonomous Challenge , Autonomous Racing event. Using the worlds most advanced Autonomous telemetry program called Z1 Analyzer!

The AI Racing Tech team proudly counts on the support of industry leaders, corporations, and community groups.

Primary Sponsor

Gaia Platform is a data-centric, high-performance environment for rapidly building complex applications at the edge. This allows edge and autonomous machines to carry out complex activities over long periods of time, unsupervised, and often disconnected. The platform is written in a declarative programming language allowing developers to write 10X less code, making it easier to write, debug, test, deploy and maintain. 



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UC Berkeley ROAR takes lead

The University of California, Berkeley, the world’s number one public university, is assuming leadership of the nation’s most decorated autonomous racecar team in the Indy Autonomous Challenge. After more than three years since its start at the University of Hawai’i, AI Racing Tech has risen to prominence for advancing a sophisticated stack of autonomy, AI, and “sim-to-real” technologies under high-stakes, high-speed racing conditions as well as for winning races and setting speed records. As UC Berkeley takes on the role of lead university, the roster of universities, principals, and industry sponsors comprising and supporting the team remains the same

CES 2022 Race Day Recap

AI Racing Tech sweeps into third place, taking out MIT, at CES 2022.

See the winning race here.

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ART takes 2nd at Texas 2022!

In an upset, AI Racing Tech swept into second place in the international head-to-head race at Texas Motor Speedway. Find out more.

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ART competes in first-ever international driverless car racing event!

The University of Hawaiʻi made history competing in the Indy Autonomous Challenge — the first-ever autonomous race car event. The AI Racing Tech team achieved its fastest speed ever and placed 6th in the competition. 

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