About AI Racing Tech

AI Racing Tech is a multi-university program of students and faculty using autonomous racing to engage students, push untested boundaries, and drive research to ensure the highest caliber of safety for the future of commercial autonomy.

The AI Racing Tech team originated at the University of Hawai’i, Maui, in spring 2020, from an Autonomous Vehicle Technology class taught by Gary Passon. In 2021, the UH-led team expanded to include faculty and students from other schools, including the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California, San Diego, and Carnegie Mellon University, competing as one of nine teams in the international Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC).

At IAC 2022 at Texas Motor Speedway, AI Racing Tech came in second only to PoliMOVE of Italy, establishing AI Racing Tech as the leading U.S. team in the competition. The following year, AI Racing Tech came in third at IAC 2023, held at CES in Las Vegas.

In the summer of 2023, team leadership was transferred to UC Berkeley under Allen Yang, Principal Investigator of the Robot Open Autonomous Racing (ROAR) program, which operates within the FHL Vive Center for Enhanced Reality at Berkeley Engineering. Passon serves as Team Principal for the Berkeley-led team.

In January 2024, AI Racing Tech was one of only three teams chosen from the international IAC competition to test out and showcase the new Dallara-built AV-24, world’s fastest autonomous racecar, unveiled at CES 2024. Further testing was completed later that spring down the Kennedy Space Center runway at Cape Canaveral, in anticipation of head-to-head competition at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in September. 

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Meet the Team

University Faculty Leads

Allen Yang, PhD

University of California, Berkeley 

Robot Open Autonomous Racing (ROAR)

Jack Silberman, PhD

University of California,
San Diego


John Dolan, PhD

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Autonomous Racing (CAR)

Dr. Allen Y. Yang is Executive Director of the FHL Vive Center for Enhanced Reality at UC Berkeley. His research focuses on emerging technologies in AR, VR, and AI, with a particular interest in Computer Vision, Human-Centered User Experience Design, and Autonomy. He has co-founded graduate degree programs in AR/VR, Autonomous Driving, Blockchain and DeFi. Current projects include OpenARK, an open-source AR software developer kit, and Robot Open Autonomous Racing (ROAR).

Dr. Jack Silberman, a lecturer at UC San Diego, teaches courses on mechanical and aerospace engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and autonomous vehicles. With over 20 years of experience in automation and robotics, Silberman has worked on projects in educational robotics, mobile field robotics, semiconductor automation, biotech, and medical devices. He is currently works for a global leader in medical devices with responsibilities in Canada, Central, and Latin America.

Dr. John M. Dolan is a Principal Systems Scientist at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, where he creates systems and methodologies for robots and humans to collaborate. His research aims to balance maximizing robot autonomy while creating effective human-machine interfaces. Dolan's research includes developing algorithms for autonomous driving, creating tele-supervisory human-robot systems, and studying robot reliability. He has also worked on projects for NASA.

Gary Passon

Gary Passon, AI Motorsports Team Principal  

With an honorary appointment at UC Berkeley, AI Racing Tech founder Gary Passon is AI Motorsports Team Principal, serving as the on-the-ground team lead. He brings a technical and engineering background to the team and years of racing experience -- from go-kart to amateur road racing to professional road racing to professional oval racing. He helped start, build, and run high-tech companies in Silicon Valley and Southern California before retiring to Maui, where he helped establish the  UH-Maui AVT class that launched the AI Racing Tech team.

Team Roster

Student names link to their LinkedIn profiles if available*

Siddharth Saha

Sr. Technical Lead & Planning Team Lead

Haoru Xue

Sr. Technical Lead &

Controls Team Lead

C.K. Wolfe
Sr. Logistics Lead & Simulation Team Lead

Raymond Song


Team  Lead

Chris Lai


Team Lead

Tianlun Zhang


Team  Lead

Nicholas Preston

Vehicle Dynamics Team Lead

Eric Berndt

Perception / Simulation Team

Dvij Kalaria 

Controls Team

Adith Sundram

Controls Team

Addison Kalanther
Perception / Localization

Kunal Singh

Perception Team

Wayne Lai

Simulation Team

Virgile Foussereau


Ashwat Chidambaram  Perception / Simulation

Nathan Litzinger
Controls Team

Maxime Ellerbach

Simulation Team

Jerry Ma 


Yunhao "Cookie" Cao

Perception/Simulation Team

Jazzy Rao

Simulation Team

Faculty & Technical Advisors

Shankar Sastry PhD

Francesco Borelli PhD

Wade Koglin

Robert Webber

On-Site Support Staff

Wade Koglin

Robert Webber

Beth Berndt

Past Participants

Aman Saraf 

Perception Team Lead

Jad Yahya
Vehicle Dynamics Team Lead

Zhihao "Cake" Deng

Perception & Media

Dominic Nightingale

Controls Team

Christian Falcon

Track Logistics Team

Jose Olivas


Franco Huang

Perception Team

Alexander Stone

Amadeusz Szymko

Telemetry Team

Jakub Codogni

Telemetry Team

Tomasz Kaproń

Telemetry Team

Tianwei Yue



Frank Garcia

Telemetry Lead

Xuishi Shen

Vehicle Dynamics & Simulation

Junjie Chen

Vehicle Dynamics & Simulation

 Quang Huynh Vehicle Dynamics

Encheng Liu
Vehicle Dynamics

 Matthew Oh-Hau Sulistijowadi  Planning Team