About us

The University of Hawai’i AI Racing Tech team has grown out of the UH-Maui class taught in the spring of 2020-2022 in Autonomous Vehicle Technology. The AVTech Class focused on giving Maui students a hands-on and knowledge-based learning experience in both Autonomous Vehicle Technology architecture, structures , and also actual building scaled autonomous vehicles. Some of our scaled vehicles and class pics are here.

Meet the Team

Gary Passon

The AI Racing Tech team leader is Gary Passon and he brings not only significant technical and engineering background to the team but years of experience in racing having come up from go-kart through amateur road racing to professional road racing to professional oval racing. After college and his racing career he went on to help start, build, and run high-tech companies in Silicon Valley and Southern California before retiring to Maui.

Since returning to Maui he has been active in supporting local schools and their STEM programs as well as more recently helped establish the UH-Maui AVT class and helping to get the AI Racing Tech Team program underway.

Dr. Jack Silberman

Dr. Elisabeth Dubuit

Dr. Mark Hoffman

Dr. Zhuoyuan Song

Wade Koglin

Siddharth Saha

Chris Battista

Daryll Suyat

Kevin Kurashewich

Lillian Marie Shibata

Alexander Stone