Indy Autonomous Challenge


In late 2019 the AI Racing Tech team put together an application to compete in the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC). The IAC is a $1.5 million high-speed, head-to-head autonomous vehicle (AV) race that is attracting universities from around the world to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and inspiring the next generation of automotive and robotics innovators in October 2021. The AI racing Tech team finished 6th in the recent IAC hack-a-thon in the "fast lap" competition and 10th overall out of 40 teams. Securing our spot to be one of 10 teams who would be competing in first Indy Autonomous race on Oct 21. AI Racing Tech would move on to successfully place 6th overall in this first ever Indy Autonomous challenge for "Fast Lap".

Ai Racing Tech furthered there Autonomous stack during this years CES 2022, showing flawless overtaking maneuvers involving another AV-21! As this competition is a significantly greater challenge the AI Racing Tech team is collaborating with the UH-Manoa Robotics Lab, UC Berkeley, and Triton-AI UC San Diego to form the AI Racing Tech team!

Indy Autonomous Challenge Races

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway




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